Richard Grosskreuz


Richard (Richie) Grosskreuz, knows firsthand the challenges auto dealers and managers face, having been a General Manager and Operating Partner for Geis Auto Mall. Starting in an entry level position at Geis, he spent 18 years with the eight-dealership franchise before leaving in 1999 to market automotive technology products…

Richie is also President of ME Technologies & Consulting, where he and Rellis provide consulting, software solutions, and marketing opportunities for U.S. automotive dealerships. ME Technologies is a distributor of Affinitiv™ business technologies that automate digital marketing and is also a state of the art multi-point inspection process for automotive manufacturers in the United States.

ME Technologies, founded in 2001 by Richie and Rellis, provides its customers a solid ROI through Affinitiv and Dealer Focus software and the company’s consulting/training services.

Prior to marketing Affinitiv, ME Technologies distributed e-communications products from @utoRevenue, an automotive e-software company. In the role of distributor and National Account Representative, Richie helped @utoRevenue grow from a start-up to an industry leader in permission-based email. In 2005, he participated in the successful sale of the company to media giant Dominion Enterprises.

Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y., Richie attended St. Johns University. For ten years after college, he successfully pursued his dream of being a professional musician. As the music business faded, Richie began his career in the automotive industry.

Married with three daughters, Richie currently makes his home in Hopewell Junction, N.Y.

John Miller


An accomplished serial entrepreneur and Angel investor, John Miller has founded or acquired 7 companies where he grew substantially for before selling. John has been involved with 7 startups through the ultimate sale in his 28 years in business. He has also been on the Board for multiple companies where he has played a pivotal role in growing and selling those companies also.

He founded his first company Ultimate Prospecting Services “UPS” in 1988 at age 26. Starting with only an idea in the automotive business, he built and sold ‘UPS” in 7 years to a billion dollar company. Within six months of selling “UPS” John started IDEX Dental Sciences. Within just 12 months IDEX had distribution of his tooth whitening products in over 80 countries. He sold out to his partner in just over a year. John immediately bought part of KeyTrak, a company in Atlanta and in 30 months as VP of Sales, took the company from $3,000,000 in annual sales to over $30,000,000 in annual sales and in December of 1999 sold the company to Reynolds and Reynolds in December 2009. And, again within 6 months of selling out of KeyTrak, John started his next business @utoRevenue and within 5 years his team grew @utoRevenue from an idea to a $10,000,000 sale to Dominion Enterprises in Norfolk VA. While running @utoRevenue, John also was involved with CoinData, LLC., also known as Docupad, as the lead investor and Advisor and was sold to Reynolds and Reynolds in 2006.  Docupad is now the industry GOLD standard in F&I systems for automobile dealerships. Since Docupad and @utoRevennue John spent 4 years on the board of SpinCar helping the company grow from 2 dealerships to thousands of dealerships and received a substantial investment from a Private Equity Company in the spring of 2017.  John continues to be involved in 5 automotive companies as owner/advisor and 5 other companies outside of the automotive industry where he guides them through entrepreneurship.

John Miller

Jamie Rellis


Jamie Rellis, a co-founder of BuyServiceOnline and Dealer Focus, is an expert in marketing business solutions designed to improve dealerships sales and/or service departments….

He and business partner Richard Grosskreuz started DealerFocus in 2012, capitalizing on their decades of experience in the automotive industry. Prior to DealerFocus, Jamie was the CEO of ME Technologies & Consulting, an automotive dealership consulting and marketing firm. ME Technologies is a distributor of Affinitiv™ business technologies that automate digital marketing and is also a state of the art multi-point inspection process for automotive manufacturers in the United States. Founded in 2001 by Jamie and Grosskreuz, ME Technologies provides its customers solid ROI through both the Dealerfocus and Affinitiv software and the company’s consulting/training services.

The Rellis-Grosskreuz partnership and sales efforts are also credited in the growth and success of @utoRevenue, an automotive e-commerce company, sold in 2005 to the international media conglomerate Dominion Enterprises.

Jamie began his automotive career in Northeast U.S., where he worked for 15 years running some of the most successful dealerships in the region. After leaving the dealership world, Jamie entered the software business, marketing and designing software products for the automotive industry.

As a software marketer, he built a strong sales network within the automotive industry, created strong strategic alliances with automobile manufacturers, broke all time sales records for an Inc. magazine Top 500 company, and produced over $20 million in revenue in one year in software sales.

Jamie, a native of Dublin, Ireland, resides in Stony Point, NY, where he is active in his community and charity work. In 2011, he was appointed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan to the Regional Board of Trustees for the St. Dominic Catholic School Region of Rockland County, New York. As a trustee, he and other board members are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the schools in the St. Dominic region.