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What is Buy Service Online?

In almost every retail industry, e-Commerce is the new normal. It is both the inevitable next step and exciting leap forward.

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  • 70% of consumers bought and did not return for service.

  • More than half surveyed reported they would travel farther and pay more for an enhanced service experience

Recognizing an Evolving Audience

Millennials will soon become the largest living generation in America. This presents a growing need for brands and companies to pivot their sales tactics and marketing approaches to the demographic. The full impact will come into full effect in 2020 when their purchasing power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion.

An emerging market raised on digital interaction and transacting.

As the Most Connected Generation ages into parenthood they are turning the tide in retail interaction. Making more than half of their purchases online, and even larger percentage directly from a smartphone.

How it works


Online Purchases

Shoppers ages 19-37 make 54% of their purchases online


Mobile Purchasers

63% of shoppers ages 19-37 complete transactions on their smartphones

Our Market

There are an estimated 16,730 New-Vehicle Franchise Dealers in the USA alone. Each Franchised dealership’s Service Department generates the majority of the Net Profit for the dealership.
The average dealership does about 18,544 Repair Orders annually, at approximately $298 per Customer Pay Repair Order. This means that the average dealership has 1,545 customers per month who come into the dealership and spend money on Service.

Solving the industry’s biggest problems

Just as the flow of traffic moves across a city – BSO is built to drive traffic from your website to your service lane.

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